Contrast agents

Contrast agent image caption

If we cannot directly excite our molecule of interest or detect its oxidation, we can design a contrast agent that responds specifically to the target of interest and amplifies the available signal. With a focus on small molecule contrast agents, we aim to provide a “smart” readout of the spatial distribution of antioxidant and free radical species within a tumour. There are many challenges in developing redox responsive contrast agents that do not perturb the system under study, but the ability to reveal oxidative stress in real-time in living subjects is our long-term goal.

Lab members:
Judith Weber, Ben Woodhams, Dr Rajesh Shahapure.

Dr Marco Di Antonio, Prof. Shankar Balasubramanian (CRUK CI / Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge); Dr Mike Murphy (MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit); Dr Silvia Hernandez (Department of Physics, University of Cambridge).