Ning Xu

Acquisition of super/high-resolution images from within internal organs using endoscopic optical imaging has numerous clinical applications. I am interested in improving the resolution of endoscopic imaging based on diffractive optics to find these cancers earlier. The superior resolution of the DOE (diffractive optical element)-based endoscope is likely to increase the clinical utility of endoscopic optical imaging.

Brief CV

Publication Highlights

Ultrahigh-aspect-ratio beam generation with super-resolution spot

Published to AIP Publishing

N. Xu, G. Liu, Yanbo Zhao, and Q. Tan, Applied Physics Letters, 119, 094101, 2021.

Adjustable super-resolution microscopy with diffractive spot array illumination

Published to AIP Publishing

N. Xu, G. Liu, and Q. Tan, Applied Physics Letters, 116, 254103, 2020.

Multiring pure-phase binary optical elements to extend depth of focus

Published to Optica Publishing

N. Xu, Z. Kong, Q. Tan, and, Y. Fu, Applied Optics, 57 (32), 9643, 2018.

Best conference attended so far

SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications 2018 — for sharing outreach gaming of “Chinese shadow” in California.