Treatment response and resistance

Drug response Image Caption

The tumour vascular network is pivotal in the delivery of drugs to the tumour bed. Oxygen availability is also important for the production of oxygen free radicals, which damage tumour cell DNA in response to radiotherapy and in some chemotherapies. Can knowledge of a given vascular phenotype at baseline, and remodelling during treatment, indicate potential for future therapeutic response or resistance? We are examining this question in both radiotherapy and targeted chemotherapy, applying multi-scale photoacoustic imaging longitudinally in cancer mouse models.

Lab members:
Emma Brown, Lina Hacker, Thomas Else, Dr Paul Sweeney.


Prof. Carlos Caldas, Prof. Charlotte Coles (University of Cambridge, UK)

Prof. Helen Byrne, Prof. Ester Hammond, Prof. Philip Maini, Dr Joe Pitt-Francis (University of Oxford, UK)