Spectral Unmixing

the ability to decompose an image into constituent "endmembers" based on the spectral profile recorded in each pixel

Spectral Imaging

recording an image in which every point in space (pixel) is associated with information relating to the wavelengths (colours)

Redox Biology

the study of the metabolism of free radicals in the cell

Raman Spectroscopy

vibrational spectroscopy technique with chemical specificity

Preclinical Disease Models

models that enable study of a disease without testing on humans

Blood Oxygenation

the percentage of oxygen binding sites of haemoglobin that are bound to oxygen

Oxidative Stress

an excess of free radicals relative to antioxidants in cells

Optoacoustic Tomography

a technique that uses ultrasound generated by laser light for imaging

Multivariate Statistical Analysis

methodology used commonly to extract key information from large spectral data sets

Multiplexed Imaging

images that allow resolution of data from multiple sources, for example, multiple different fluorophores

Monolithic Hyperspectral Imaging

enables spectroscopy to be performed in 2D on a single imaging sensor

Malignant Transformation

the change from a pre-neoplastic cell to one that has a malignant phenotype, for example, uncontrolled proliferation


a condition resulting from insufficient levels of oxygen

Free Radical

contains one or more unpaired electrons

Coherent Light

alignment of light waves in both space and time

Cell Culture

enables growth of mammalian cells outside of the body


any substance that delays, prevents or removes oxidative damage

Anti-angiogenic Therapy

drugs that block blood vessel growth


the formation of new blood vessels

Aberrant Metabolism

metabolic changes commonly observed in tumours, for example, the Warburg effect