Lecture Handouts

Sarah teaches undergraduates in the Department of Physics and supervises for Corpus Christi College. She also participates in PhD CDT training programmes and summer schools, as well as lectures for other trainees. The most recent course material will be posted here as relevant.


FRCR Ultrasound Lectures 2017 4 lectures within the Part I Physics course.

Lecture 1 – Physics of Ultrasound

Lecture 2 – Ultrasound Imaging

Lecture 3 – Ultrasound Safety, Legislation and QA/QC

Lecture 4 – Practice Multi Choice Questions


Part III Medical Physics 2018 A 16 lecture course covering the basic physics of biomedical imaging and broad applications of physics in medicine.

Material will be posted here as the course progresses.

2017-2018 Medical Physics timetable

Medical Physics Syllabus

Examples Sheet 2018

Lecture 1 Photons and Particles_Complete

Lecture 2 Image Quality and Standardisation_Complete

Lecture 3-5 MR Physics Handout

Lecture 6 Ultrasound Part I_Complete

Lecture 7 Ultrasound Part II_Complete

Lecture 8 – Radiation Safety

Lecture 9 – Ionising Radiation Generation_Complete

Lecture 10 – Ionising Radiation Detection_Complete

Lecture 11 – Imaging with X-rays_Complete

Lecture 12 – Imaging with gamma rays_Complete

Lecture 14 – Sensing

Lecture 15-16 – Radiotherapy