Outreach Materials

Members of the Bohndiek laboratory are regularly involved in events and workshops demonstrating scientific principles to the general public. Here, you can find some examples of the experiments that we present along with upcoming dates when you can see them performed.

Next “show”: Cambridge Science Festival 2017

Previous “shows”:


Soapbox Science in Cambridge Market Square


We had to think outside of the box (haha) for Soapbox Science – asking the audience to hold hands to set up waves, demonstrating wavelength and polarisation by changing the distance and angle of the oscillation.


Pint of Science at the Architect


New flash cards were produced to handout at the pub!


Bags, Bangles and Brooches at the British Museum

A Charity Auction for Cancer Research UK on November 30th 2015. We demonstrated colour-changing G&T, transparent water pearls, light scattering and the photo acoustic effect using the following materials (thanks Jo!):

Experiments Details of 4 experiments performed at BBB Charity Auction

Flash cards for handout provide the ‘take home’ messages for the experiments

Cambridge Science Festival at the CRUK CI


In addition to the hands on stand, we used an application to demonstrate non-invasive imaging used at the Cambridge Science Festival (thanks Judith!):

Seeing Inside App for MacOS and iOS