We’re looking for PhD students to start in 2018!

Posted on By Sarah Bohndiek

The VISIONLab at the University of Cambridge develops novel imaging approaches for early cancer detection and evaluation of disease prognosis. Our imaging innovations arise primarily from low cost optics and photonics technologies that can be widely used in patients. We also apply these innovations in different cancer models to explore the role of the tumour microenvironment in cancer development and evaluate our ability to use imaging signatures of the microenvironment to determine disease prognosis.


We are now seeking to take several of our novel optical imaging modalities forward from basic science into active clinical trials. This requires a significant multidisciplinary effort including: hardware and software development; in vivo imaging; as well as technical and biological validation of the imaging signals using ex vivo gold standard methods. As a result, we will consider PhD applications for study commencing October 2018 from candidates with any scientific discipline of undergraduate study.


The successful candidate will need to work effectively within our multidisciplinary laboratory and liaise with a range of biological and clinical collaborators. They will require: excellent oral and written communication skills; strong team working skills; an ability to take initiative to solve problems; strong motivation in driving projects forward; and a significant critical thinking capability. Examples of any past experience that demonstrates these characteristics should be highlighted in the cover letter that accompanies any application. Candidates with previous experience of in vivo imaging or biomedical optics, for example during a Masters or Diploma degree, are particularly encouraged to apply.


For up to date information about the research group, including our most recent publications, please see our website (https://www.vhsquared.com) or find us on social media. Please either apply directly to our advertised position on findaphd.com or if you would like to discuss the available projects further before applying, send a CV and covering letter to Dr Sarah Bohndiek (seb53@cam.ac.uk), who will then arrange a meeting.


To apply to the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (i.e. for a PhD in Medical Sciences), please use this link and follow the instructions on that page:


To apply to the Department of Physics (i.e. for a PhD in Physics), please use this link, selecting Department of Physics, Biological and Soft Systems Sector: