Listening to Light at the Cambridge Science Festival

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On Sunday 25th March, members of VISIONLab took part in the final day of the Cambridge Science Festival 2018.

Michal Tomaszewski gave an exciting talk titled ‘Listening to Light’ describing his work with optoacoustic imaging at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute.

Meanwhile across the road at the Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology, Emma Brown, Ayaka Shinozaki, George Gordon and Alexandru Grigoroiu showcased many fun activities to both adults and children, demonstrating how we can use light and sound to detect and monitor cancer.

Among the activities was the popular ‘photophone’, demonstrating the formation of sound from a material that has absorbed light!

Many of these activities were sponsored by an SPIE Education Outreach Grant awarded to the University of Cambridge Student Chapter.

Thanks to our sponsor, volunteers and attendees for making this fun and educational day possible.