Abby Wilson

I am working on the development of a multimodal imaging system that can be situated in a clinical environment andused for the analysis of oesophageal tissue. The aim is to build-up a database of the variousoptical properties of oesophageal tissue and determine how they change in diseased states, to ultimately enable the development and optimisation of new non-invasive diagnostic tools.

Brief CV

Next destination: EPSRC Doctoral Fellow, Loughborough University, UK

Publication Highlights

The role of light in measuring ocular biomechanics.

Published to PubMed

A Wilson, J Marshall and J R Tyrer (2016). Eye, vol. 30, no. 2, pp. 234–240.

Best conference attended so far

11th International Congress of Corneal Crosslinking, Boston (USA, 2015) – for the early morning runs around a cold crisp Boston lit up with Christmas lights.