James Joseph

I develop and validate novel imaging and diagnostic approaches and instruments for biomedical applications

Brief CV

Research Associate, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2012-2013)
Ph.D. Engineering and Imaging Instrumentation, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2008-2013)
MSc – School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2007-2008)
BEng (Hons) Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom (2003-2006)


Publication highlights

Distance dependent photoacoustics revealed through DNA nanostructures.

Published to PubMed

J Joseph, K N Baumann, P Koehler, T J Zuehlsdorff, D J Cole, J Weber, S E Bohndiek and S Hernández-Ainsa. (2017) Nanoscale 9(42):16193-16199

Evaluation of Precision in Optoacoustic Tomography for Preclinical Imaging in Living Subjects.

Published to PubMed

J Joseph, M.R Tomaszewski, I Quiros-Gonzalez, J Weber, J Brunker, S.E Bohndiek (2017) J Nucl Med. 58 807-814.

Near-Infrared Squaraine Dye Encapsulated Micelles for in Vivo Fluorescence and Photoacoustic Bimodal Imaging.

Published to PubMed

S Sreejith, J Joseph, M Lin, N V Menon, P Borah, H J Ng, Y X Loong, Y Kang, Sidney W Yu , and Y Zhao (2015) ACS Nano 9 (6), 5695–5704