Janek Gröhl

The quantification of absolute molecular concentrations can be considered the holy grail of multispectral photoacoustic imaging. I am interested in applying machine learning methods to investigate this challenge, as solving it would enable accurate spectral unmixing of local blood oxygenation and open numerous exciting clinical applications.

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Publication Highlights

Context encoding enables machine learning-based quantitative photoacoustics

Published to SPIE

T Kirchner*, J Gröhl*, and L Maier-Hein, Journal of biomedical optics, 23(5):056008, 2018

Confidence Estimation for Machine Learning-Based Quantitative Photoacoustics

Published to MDPI

J Gröhl, T Kirchner, T Adler, and L Maier-Hein, Journal of Imaging, 4(12):147, 2018.

Best conference attended so far

SPIE Photonics West, Photons plus Ultrasound, February 2019