Judith Weber

We aim to develop activatable imaging probes of important biological redox species (e.g. H2O2, GSH) for photoacoustic imaging. The non-invasive visualisation of these species could help to shine light on the complex redox biology in cancer and inflammation in real time and thus could provide a tool for early cancer detection, indicate prognosis and give an early readout of treatment response.

Brief CV

Next destination: Senior Scientist, Abbvie, Germany


Contrast agents for molecular photoacoustic imaging

Published to PubMed

J Weber, P C Beard and S E Bohndiek (2016) Nat Methods 13(8):639-50

PET imaging of tumor glycolysis downstream of hexokinase through noninvasive measurement of pyruvate kinase M2.

Published to PubMed

Witney TH, James ML, Shen B, Chang E, Pohling C, Arksey N, Hoehne A, Shuhendler A, Park JH, Bodapati D, Weber J, Gowrishankar G, Rao J, Chin FT and Gambhir SS (2015) Sci Transl Med 7(310):310ra169

Multifunctional Oligoaminoamides for the Receptor-Specific Delivery of Therapeutic RNA.

Published to PubMed

J Weber, U L├Ąchelt and E Wagner (2015) Methods Mol Biol 1324:369-86.

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WMIC 2016 in New York USA