Mariam-Eleni Oraiopoulou

Hypoxia and necrosis are two of the most crucial physiologicalcharacteristics of the aggressive cancer types. I am interested intranslating imaging biomarkers using photoacoustics for the non-invasiveidentification of different vascularization mechanisms and their effect innecrosis formation and evolution.

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Publication Highlights

Integrating in vitro experiments with in silico approaches for Glioblastoma invasion: the role of cell-to-cell adhesion heterogeneity

Published to Nature Publishing Group

M.E. Oraiopoulou, E. Tzamali, G. Tzedakis, E. Liapis, G. Zacharakis, A. Vakis, J. Papamatheakis, V. Sakkalis, Scientific Reports, 8(1), (2018)

In Vitro/In Silico Study on the Role of Doubling Time Heterogeneity among Primary Glioblastoma Cell Lines

Published to Hindawi

M.E. Oraiopoulou , E. Tzamali, G. Tzedakis, A. Vakis, J. Papamatheakis, V. Sakkalis, BioMed Research International, (2017)

1H-NMR based metabolomics study for the detection of the human urine profile metabolic effects of Origanum Dictamnus ingestion

Published to PubMed

G.P. Takis, M.E. Oraiopoulou , C. Konidaris, N.A. Troganis, Food and Function, 7(9), (2016)

Best conference attended so far:

1st ESMI Imaging technology summer workshop TOPIM TECH, MAICh Chania, Greece