Marlous Kamp

Raman imaging is a sensitive spectroscopy technique, where molecules are detected by exciting their vibrational states with laser light. This allows identifying molecules in situ and without the need for fluorescent labelling. I use Raman sensing to peer into the metabolic processes of cancer cells, by locating metabolites in different parts of the cell.

Publication Highlights

Cascaded Nano-Optics to Probe Microsecond Atomic Scale Phenomena

M. Kamp , B. de Nijs, N. Kongsuwan, M. Saba, R. Chikkaraddy, C.A. Readman, W.M. Deacon, J. P. Griffiths, S. J. Barrow, O. S. Ojambati, D. A. Wright, J. Huang, O. Hess, O.A. Scherman, J.J. Baumberg (2020)

Multivalent Patchy Colloids for Quantitative 3D Self-Assembly Studies

Published to ACS

M. Kamp , B. de Nijs, M.N. van der Linden, I. de Feijter, M.J. Lefferts, A. Aloi, J. Griffiths, J.J. Baumberg, I. K. Voets, A. van Blaaderen. Langmuir 36, pp 2403-2418 (2020)

Smart supramolecular sensing with cucurbit[n]urils: probing hydrogen bonding with SERS

Published to RSC Publishing

B. de Nijs, M. Kamp , I. Szabo, S. J. Barrow, F. Benz, G. Wu, C. Carnegie, R. Chikkaraddy, W. Wang, W.M. Deacon, E. Rosta, J.J. Baumberg, O.A. Scherman. Faraday Discuss. 205, pp 505-515 (2017)

Best conference attended so far

ICMAT (International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies), 2019