Rajesh Shahapure

I support lab members with various cell biological and microscopy techniques. In future, I will be working on monitoring biochemistry of cells and tissue in health and disease using Raman spectroscopy.

Brief CV

Publication highlights

Microglia mechanics: immune activation alters traction forces and durotaxis

Published to PubMed

L Bollmann, D E Koser, R Shahapure, H O B Gautier, G A Holzapfel, G Scarcelli, M C Gather, E Ulbricht and K Franze. (2015) Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 9.

The archaellum: a rotating type IV pilus

Published to PubMed

R Shahapure, R PC Driessen, M Florencia Haurat, S-V Albers, R Th Dame, (2014) Mol Microbiol 91(4), pp. 716–723.

Force generation in lamellipodia is a probabilistic process with fast growth and retraction events

Published to PMC

R Shahapure, F Difato, A Laio, G Bisson, E Ercolini, L Amin, E Ferrari and V Torre (2010) Biophys. J. 98(6), pp. 979-988

Best conference attended so far

ESMC 2015 – “Brain Mechanics” Symposium, Madrid (Spain)