Thierry Lefebvre

Radiotherapy is often prescribed in oncology clinics to treat solid tumours and to limit the development and the propagation of cancer cells. The lack of oxygenation seen in some tumour regions under chaotic and unrestricted cellular growth constitute a great barrier to the efficacy of these treatments. Thus, we aim to understand radiotherapy response and resistance using advanced multimodal imaging to study the dynamic nature of hypoxia.

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The Potential of Photoacoustic Imaging in Radiation Oncology.

Published to Frontiers

Lefebvre TL , Brown E, Hacker L, Else T, Oraiopoulou ME, Tomaszewski MR, Jena R, Bohndiek SE, Front Oncol., (2022)

Development and Validation of Multiparametric MRI-based Radiomics Models for Preoperative Risk Stratification of Endometrial Cancer

Published to RSNA

Lefebvre TL , Ueno Y, Dohan A, Chatterjee A, Vallières M, Winter-Reinhold E, Saif S, Levesque IR, Zeng XZ, Forghani R, Seuntjens J, Soyer P, Savadjiev P, Reinhold C. Radiology. (2022)

Quantification of vascular networks in photoacoustic mesoscopy

Published to Elsevier

Brown EL, Lefebvre TL , Sweeney PW, Stolz BJ, Gröhl J, Hacker L, Huang Z, Couturier DL, Harrington HA, Byrne HM, Bohndiek SE. Photoacoustics. (2022)

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Radiological Society of North America, December 2019